Intro to CS24H Strategy Guide

Welcome to the CS24H Strategy Guide, where we aim to help you become a better CS:GO player. This is just an introduction and with this you should gain knowledge of what to expect over your time with us. I’m Jesse, one of the authors for this guide and I’m here to teach you about the crucial details you miss in CS:GO. Here at CS24H we strive to help the player be better, by selling pre-ranked accounts and even boosting your current one. With a team of very qualified boosters we can assure you that you are in good hands. I, myself am a loyal customer as I have gotten my extra accounts boosted to teach and help people play at a high level. I am also very good at running strats round by round and will do my best to impart that knowledge onto you. As a veteran of CS:GO along with the whole team at CS24H, we welcome you to our website and hope you leave a better CS:GO player.