Tutorial 3 – Map Strategy


There are four basic strats in every round. Rush B, Split-Rush A, Work A Slow, Work B Slow. They are self explanatory, and should be called based on your team’s spawn. For example on dust2, if your entire team spawns on the B side of spawn, it’s good for a rush. If you’re all over the place, a slow work is fine. Pistol round strats are usually just iterations of these four basic strats, however there are some rules of thumb to follow. Firstly, you must take into consideration the pistols either team starts with as default. The CT pistol (USP) has better long range capabilities, while the T pistol, the glock, sports impact disruption, totally screwing a CT’s aim up if he/she gets hit with it. The glock is generally a close-quarters weapon, most effective on burst fire from short range, so it is a bad idea to, for example, rush long A on dust2 with glocks. Terrorists should buy kevlar and nades on pistol round, while CTs should buy kits and nades. Occasionally, a good Terrorist player will pick up a USP or deagle for its range capabilities if you really want to go long on dust2.