How to use utility – CS:GO

Welcome to this guide on how to effectively use grenades and utility in CS:GO. I’ve played countless games where teammates who are highly skilled would find it tough. They would complain that they would die too easily in one on ones. It should be a walk through but nothing seems to work. A lot of people make the excuse of it being an off-game, when it clearly isn’t. Have you ever considered that buying guns isn’t the only important thing in CS:GO? With a smart buy you can change a whole game around.

The main problem that I’ve seen countless times, is the lack of utility being used. When I refer to utility, I mean armor, grenades and kits being bought from round-to-round.

There are five grenades, Here is a breakdown:

  • HP Grenade – $300
  • Flash-bang – $200
  • Smoke Grenade – $300
  • Decoy Grenade – $50
  • Incendiary Grenade/ Molotov – $600/$400

All these grenades serve different purposes. We’ll break down each one:

The health grenade does health damage and can be used for any and every round. It does help with a clean shot doing ± 50 damage. It can be that deciding factor when taking down your enemies,

The Flash-bang is useful for disorientating the enemy and giving you the slight edge. It can also force enemies back as they might retreat.

The smoke grenade is very useful in the sense that it will allow for you to limit sight for the enemy. It can also be used as a tactic to block off the vision of CT, during a T-rush.

The decoy grenade is the cheapest item that can be bought. When used it replicates the sound of your primary weapon and if you do not have one then it will match your pistol.

Lastly is the incendiary and Molotov. They both do the same amount of damage however the Incendiary which is exclusive to the CT side is $200 dollars more than the Molotov on T-side. These grenades can be used to completely stop an enemy team for a view seconds while gaining a better position or to run down the time. If the enemy does push through their health will dramatically decline for the duration they stay exposed to the fire.

That is all for grenades but now there is armor which is so important because, it allows you to take extra damage in a gun fight. Just keep in mind that other guns do have armor penetration however the armor does lessen the damage.

For a tutorial on smokes have a look at our YouTube: CS24H